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Secure Key

More secure access with more features

Secure Key is a two-factor authentication device that will help protect you from internet banking fraud.

Secure Key offers you the latest available technology for secure access and management of your online accounts at no charge for HSBC France customers (personal and Private Bank).

Secure Key generates a unique passcode each time you log on
to your accounts, whether from your PC or your smartphone.

Secure Key is available in two versions, both free of charge:

Secure Key Mobile
allows you to obtain
a passcode integrated
in our new HSBC France mobile
application available for
iPhone and Android(1).

Secure Key
is also available in the form
of a dedicated token.

  • Fraud protection
    With Secure Key you have an extra layer of protection. You need your PIN number AND your personal Secure Key device to log on.
  • Peace of mind
    Secure Key gives you greater peace of mind because you have
    this extra layer of security.
  • Easy to use
    Just switch it on by entering your Secure Key PIN code and it'll give you
    a unique passcode each time you log on.
  • Two versions available
    Select the version which better suits your needs : Secure Key Mobile
    or Secure Key (device)

(1) Mobile Internet compatible mobile phone. Free service excluding the call and line rental costs charged by your operator.