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Your personal Relationship Manager

Your personal Relationship Manager will provide you with all HSBC's expertise in order to help you today and tomorrow.

The HSBC Advance Annual Review

Your personal Relationship Manager will help you make the right decisions and guide you onto the best path to make your plans come true.

This is an opportunity to go through your projects and any changes in your situation : new home, baby on the way, career, marriage, travels …

  • Protection for your family
    Simple choices can have a major impact on how your loved-ones are protected,
    especially choices about your marriage agreement.
    What impact does your marriage agreement have on how your family is protected?
    How can you organise your couple's finances?
Inheritance tax Simulator

  • Property
    Buying your main home is often a key moment in building up your assets. It's a long-term commitment,
    so it is essential you make your plans carefully, then choose the right mortgage.
    How can you prepare your finances for buying a house?
    What choices need to be made to protect your family and plan for the future?
Mortgage Simulator

  • Savings and investments
    There is a very wide range of savings and investment solutions available.
    The various solutions suit different objectives, plans and risk profiles.
    What savings products best suit your requirements? How to choose the right investments?
Saving Simulator

  • Tax optimisation
    There are two main ways to reduce your taxes: limit taxes on investment returns and make investments
    that can be partially deducted from your taxes.
    How to optimise tax on your investments?
    What solutions are there to deduct part of your investments from your taxes?
Income tax Simulator

  • Pensions
    When you retire, your revenues will probably fall significantly. The higher your salary, the more your income will decline.
    Private-sector executives are particularly affected: their revenues can fall by 30-60% depending on their salary.
    How much will you receive for your pension?
Pension Simulator

Family / relatives protection: Doubled lump-sum payout(1) in case of an accident

Wealth constitution may take some time. With our Term Life Contract, you can protect your family immediately by providing a lump-sum payout to your beneficiary.

HSBC Capital Prévoyance(1) pays out a lump sum in the event of death or a total and irreversible loss of autonomy following an illness or an accident.

  • You choose the amount of your cover, between €30,000 and €1,000,000.
  • An "Emergency Payout(2)" of €10,000 will be paid within 48 hours in the event of death.
  • No medical formalities are required should you choose to increase your cover following changes in your family circumstances.
  • Special reductions for non-smokers and joint subscriptions.
  • The capital paid out to beneficiaries in the event of death, or to the policyholder in the event of a total and irreversible loss of autonomy, is eligible(3) for favourable tax conditions.

* Dial +33 810 180 180 from abroad.
(1) HSBC Capital Prévoyance is an individual life insurance policy providing cover in the event of death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy, taken out through HSBC France with HSBC Assurances Vie (France). Subject to the terms of the contract. The option to double the lump-sum payout in the event of accident is available for the first 7 years of the policy, for all policies offering cover of between € 50,000 and € 250,000 taken out after 23/08/2010. The insurance company reserves the right to modify this offer at any time.
(2) Provided we receive the necessary documents. Only if a single individual is designated as the primary beneficiary. The sum will be paid into the beneficiary's bank account in the time needed to process the transaction. Payment of this amount does not imply that the insurance company accepts the claim. The beneficiary will retain the sum of €10,000 in all cases.
(3) In certain cases, and subject to certain conditions (taxation may also apply in the country of tax residence if it is different from France and subject to the application to the tax treaty signed with France).

To apply call 0 810 180 180* (service charge € 0,09 per call + cost of a call) or

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To benefit from HSBC Advance, you simply need to:

  • Hold an HSBC Hexagone(1) account or a Visa Premier / Gold MasterCard payment card.
  • and

  • Have your monthly income of € 2,500 or more for individual accounts or € 3,500 for joint accounts domiciled into your HSBC France account.

You may also be offered HSBC Advance thanks to the terms of our existing relationship.

(1) Subject to the terms of the contract information notice. Current fees for the HSBC Hexagone account and a Visa payment card are available from your local branch.