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HSBC Advance

Call 0 810 180 180* (service charge € 0,09 per call + cost of a call)

No HSBC ATM fees abroad

You pay no fees when you withdraw cash from one of the 19,000 HSBC Group ATMs around the world.

An emergency cash advance if your card is lost or stolen

As a HSBC Advance customer, you can obtain an emergency cash advance of up to $2,000 or its equivalent in local money from any HSBC branch if your bank card is lost or stolen(1).

Global View with discounted money transfers

Whether moving overseas, or simply travelling for business or pleasure. HSBC Advance offers globally linked-up banking services in over 30 countries around the world. Simple and convenient, you can view all of your HSBC accounts held in different countries on a single page(2)(3), post the countries of your choice and enjoy direct access to online banking pages in these countries (without having to enter their login codes), in complete security.

With Global Transfers(4), you can make real-time transfers, or schedule one-off or recurring transfers between your listed accounts from "Global View"(5).

Global View and Global Transfers are not available in all countries. Before you can make a Global Transfer your accounts will need to be linked. Foreign currency exchange rates may apply.

Learn more about Global View

* Dial +33 810 180 180 from abroad.
(1) Subject to your prior approval.
(2) According to the French tax law, individuals tax residents in France must declare when they file their income tax return, accounts opened, used or closed outside France. Failure to comply with these obligations could be punished by penalties and back taxes.
(3) For HSBC France, the accounts listed are deposit accounts denominated in euros and savings accounts.
(4) For HSBC France, accounts eligible for "Global Transfers" are euro-denominated deposit accounts.
(5) French names: Mes Comptes Internationaux / Mes Virements Internationaux.

To apply call 0 810 180 180* (service charge € 0,09 per call + cost of a call) or

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To benefit from HSBC Advance, you simply need to:

  • Hold an HSBC Hexagone(1) account or a Visa Premier / Gold MasterCard payment card.
  • and

  • Have your monthly income of € 2,500 or more for individual accounts or € 3,500 for joint accounts domiciled into your HSBC France account.

You may also be offered HSBC Advance thanks to the terms of our existing relationship.

(1) Subject to the terms of the contract information notice. Current fees for the HSBC Hexagone account and a Visa payment card are available from your local branch.