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PERP – Plan Elysées Retraite Patrimoine

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Prepare for your retirement
while lightening your taxe load

  • Pension supplement
    A supplementary pension received as an
    annuity (1) allowing you to fulfil your
    ambitions for early retirement.
  • Immediate tax benefits(2)
    The sums you invest for your retirement
    are deducted from your current taxable
  • 2 management methods
    You can choose between two methods
    of management: "Progressive Capital
    Security Management" and "Autonomous
  • Earnings security option
    Secure your earnings
    with the automatic arbitration option.

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad.
(1) In principle in the form of a life annuity at the legal age of retirement of the Insured Party or, at the earliest, the pension settlement date in a mandatory pension scheme
(2) In accordance with the tax system in force on 01/12/2012 applicable to French tax residents. Within the limit of the tax laws in force and the higher of the following two amounts:
- 10% of your professional income from the previous year (net taxable income minus the 10% deduction or the actual costs if applicable) capped at eight times the maximum annual social security ceiling of the year in question
- 10% of the maximum annual social security ceiling of the previous year. This limit must then be reduced by certain contributions deducted in the previous year, from the professional services income of the subscriber (including amounts paid on a PERCOs by the employee or the employer as the employer's contribution). As such, these payments are deductible from the income of each member of the household (for income tax purposes) up to a ceiling which also takes into account the contributions deducted from professional services income as non-mandatory pension savings and, if appropriate, the company Perco contribution.


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