HSBC France

Easy access to the stock exchange

  • International
    The Asset Account allows you to invest
    in French and foreign financial markets.
  • No limit
    The investment amount is not capped.
  • Securities
    Invest in all kinds of securities (shares, UCITs, bonds, trackers, warrants, etc.).
  • Access to funds
    Access your assets when you want.

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad.

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‘Go green’ and turn off paper statements

Help the environment – and yourself – with:

  • Less clutter. Your statements and other communications are delivered electronically, so you receive no paper statements and no paper marketing.
  • Fewer letters to open. When we need to get in touch, we’ll call or email you whenever possible first.
  • More convenience. No cheque book or paying-in book to misplace.
  • Increased security. Receiving statements online can be more secure than getting them in the mail.

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HSBC Advance

To apply call 0800 032 4738 or