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An innovative range of investment funds

At the heart of local realities

Our experts all over the world have created an innovative range for you, HSBC World Selection(1).

  • A choice of 5 investment profiles depending on your investment horizon and how much risk you are willing to accept.
    The 5 HSBC World Selection(1) portfolios are asset allocation funds: each fund has a different risk level and therefore meets the needs of both cautious and more dynamic investors. With HSBC World Selection you access to a range of international portfolios from medium risk profile to very dynamic in an investment horizon from 3 to 5 years minimum.

  • A key to a good asset strategy is to distribute as much as possible its assets across different asset classes in order to offset the decline of an asset by the rise of another. This diversification seeks to reduce risk and potentially increase the level of investment performance, taking positions on various asset classes (stocks, bonds ...), different geographical areas (emerging and developed countries) and sectors classes

  • With HSBC World Selection (1), you are investing in different asset classes (shares, bonds, etc), different geographic areas (emerging and developed countries worldwide) and different sectors (commodities, property, private equity, etc).

  • Continuous and careful risk management
    our fund managers present locally in the main financial centers of the world are constantly guiding and monitoring the risk level of each fund.

Robust performances

  • A solid management process, the prioritization of risk management and a very diverse portfolio, have allowed us to post robust performances.
    During this period of extremely volatile markets, the diversification offered by the HSBC World Selection(1) range has made it possible to mitigate market shocks.

    In fact, in the investment process used to determine the most appropriate long-term allocation, HSBC fund managers examine the volatility of each asset class over a very long period including periods of extreme market conditions.
    This means that the structure of the 5 HSBC World Selection portfolios provides for extreme scenarios of market developments and very strong volatility movement.

Performance of 17/07/2014
% 1 year 3 years Since the creation*
HSBC World Selection 1 5,41 12,12 22,62
HSBC World Selection 2 7,08 13,84 25,82
HSBC World Selection 3 8,91 16,99 30,25
HSBC World Selection 4 10,89 18,74 33,28
HSBC World Selection 5 13,45 20,74 34,84

*creation at 19/10/2009

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad.
** As the fund history dates back less than 5 years, the position of the fund on the scale is calculated based on the volatility of a benchmark index or the target volatility of the strategy. The risk for an investor whose base currency is different to that of the fund may be higher given the additional currency risk. This risk scale is the product of an internal methodology; it is provided as a guide and may be subject to change without notice. It does not take into account exceptional market conditions that we might face. A low risk does not signify a total absence of risk.
(1) A segment of the SICAV (open-end investment company) governed by Luxembourgish law, HSBC Portfolios. Before investing in UCITS governed by foreign law, it is imperative that you read the prospectus and the French version of its simplified prospectus or, where applicable, its KIID (Key Investor Information Document) approved by the authority of the country of origin of the UCIT available from HSBC France branches. Before any investment decision, it is your duty to ensure that the funds under consideration are suited to your financial situation, your investment objectives and any local legislation to which you may be subject.
(2) The figures cited relate to past years and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Before investing in a UCIT, you must carefully read the simplified prospectus, a regulatory document approved by the AMF (the French Financial Market Authority) or the KIID (Key Investor Information Document) which can be obtained from HSBC France branches or by visiting the website, as well as reading the Information Notice/the General Terms and Conditions of the life insurance contract or guaranteed investment contract and the annex 'Investment vehicles' which presents the funds available
within the contract and the charges that apply. Before any investment decision, it is your duty to ensure that the funds under consideration are suited to your financial situation, your investment objectives and any legislation by which you are governed (and in particular, local legislation to which you may be subject.
Past performance is in no way an indication of future results, and investments that are subject to market fluctuations may rise as well as fall.