HSBC France

Make regular and scheduled investments chosen from a selection of mutual funds

  • Regular investment
    Spread the average purchase price of mutual funds
    by investing regularly.
  • Diversified investment vehicles
    Choose your investments from a selection
    of mutual funds(1) offered by the HSBC France Group.
  • Attractive rates
    Benefit from preferential rates
    on entrance fees.
  • Flexible management
    Change the amount and/or the frequency of your investments at any time.

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad.
(1) Before any investment decision, it is your duty to ensure that the funds under consideration are suited to your financial situation, your investment objectives and any legislation by which you are governed (and in particular, local legislation which you may be subject to). Past performance is not an indication of future results by any means and investments that are subject to market fluctuations may rise or fall. Investments in emerging countries present a significantly higher risk than markets in developed countries and the net asset value of UCITs invested in these markets can fluctuate hugely. This increased risk is linked to the lesser maturity and liquidity of these markets as well as the geopolitical and economic risks linked to emerging countries. This information does not constitute a commitment by HSBC France and may be changed without prior notice.