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Assurance vie:
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Assurance vie has come a long way over the last few decades. From simple single-fund, euro-denominated policies, assurance vie now has a multi-fund approach and also offers many different financial management options.

Assurance vie adapts to suit you, whether you want to build up or increase capital, protect it or pass on an inheritance, reduce your tax bill, or even earn extra income. The various features of assurance vie allow for added flexibility whilst reliably meeting your objectives for your finances, family, tax and wealth
in general.

Our policies, which are now more sophisticated and tailored to the market than ever, can offer you a choice between discretionary management and autonomous management, and allow you to benefit from the financial markets' performance over the long term, whilst minimising risk.

The advice offered on these pages is not exhaustive. We encourage you to contact your HSBC advisor who will give you personalised guidance, suited to your goals and objectives. Information relating to assurance vie policies is valid within the limits of the provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions/the policy information leaflet.

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