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How to calculate your retirement pension décote (reduction)


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If, at the legal retirement age, you have not validated the required number of quarters and decide to apply for your pension, you should be aware that the rate at which your pension is calculated will be permanently reduced. This is called the décote.

The discount depends not only on your age and insurance period at the date of your application for retirement, but also on your year of birth (the reduction coefficient per missing quarter differs according to this date).

The government wishes to overhaul the pension system, and its draft will be presented to Parliament in the second half of 2019. Reforms to the calculation of your pension could therefore be introduced.

Calculation of the retirement décote (reduction)

The retirement décote (reduction)is determined by multiplying the number of missing quarters to qualify for the full rate by the reduction coefficient per missing quarter (variable according to your year of birth).

For example, if you were born in 1956 and choose to retire at 62 years of age when you are 6 quarters short of the 166 required, you will suffer a discount of: 6 x 0.625 or 3.75 points. Your pension will then not be calculated at the full rate, set at 50% under the general scheme, but at the reduced rate of 46.25%.

Calculation table – retirement discount

Year of birth Diminution per missing quarter
Before 1944 1.25
1944 1.1875
1945 1.125
1946 1.0625
1947 1
1948 0.9375
1949 0.875
1950 0.8125
1951 0.750
1952 0.6875
After 1952 0.625

Calculation table – retirement discount

Year of birth Before 1944
Diminution per missing quarter 1.25
Year of birth 1944
Diminution per missing quarter 1.1875
Year of birth 1945
Diminution per missing quarter 1.125
Year of birth 1946
Diminution per missing quarter 1.0625
Year of birth 1947
Diminution per missing quarter 1
Year of birth 1948
Diminution per missing quarter 0.9375
Year of birth 1949
Diminution per missing quarter 0.875
Year of birth 1950
Diminution per missing quarter 0.8125
Year of birth 1951
Diminution per missing quarter 0.750
Year of birth 1952
Diminution per missing quarter 0.6875
Year of birth After 1952
Diminution per missing quarter 0.625

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