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All your retirement questions

HSBC offers you support at every stage and answers your questions to turn your retirement into your life’s work. Do not hesitate to contact your advisor if you have any questions, or you would like them to help you with a personalised study.

Is the pension scheme for the self-employed, craftsmen or shopkeepers the same as that for private employees ?

Your pension plan depends on the French Social Security for the Self-employed (formerly RSI). As for persons covered by the general scheme, the statutory retirement age (between 60 and 62 years) and the number of quarters required for full retirement vary according to your year of birth. The amount of the pension is calculated on the basis of an average annual income, the pension rate and the duration of insurance.

Members of the professions are covered by ten different funds, known as "professional sections", which are grouped together within the CNAVPL.

I’m a civil servant. How does that affect my pension ?

Your pension plan depends on the State Pension Service (SRE). The legal retirement age is 62, unless you have been employed in a job classified as active (police officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers, midwives, etc.) for at least seventeen years. You will then be eligible for early retirement from the age of 57, or even earlier for certain categories of employment.

If you are a member of the territorial or hospital public service, your pension plan depends on the Caisse nationale des retraites des agents des collectivités locales (CNRACL - National Pension Fund for Local Government Employees).

I have contributed to several plans, what difference does that make ?

If you have contributed to several pension plans over your career, the total amount of your pension will be the sum of the pension amounts calculated by each of the pension funds to which you have contributed. Be sure to check that all your rights have been taken into account and that you contact every pension system to which you have contributed.

I have had children, does that give me additional pension rights?

Yes, if you have had or raised children, you can get up to eight additional quarters per child for your maternity or adoption leave periods. In addition, if you have had at least three children, your pension is automatically increased by 10%.

What is the supplement ?

The supplement is an increase in the amount of your pension when you decide to continue working beyond the legal retirement age while you total the number of quarters required for a full rate pension. Each new quarter contributed to this plan allows you to increase your pension by 1.25%.

What is quarter repurchase ?

In some cases, and under certain conditions, it is possible to buy back quarters to complete your career and validate periods for which you have not contributed. This is the case, for example, to cover years of higher education, internships or incomplete years of employment (less than four validated terms).

What is a supplementary pension ?

Supplementary retirement, as its name suggests, is a mandatory retirement plan that is in addition to the basic retirement. Its contributions are managed for private sector employees by Agirc-Arrco (General Association of Pension Institutions for Managers and Association for the Supplementary Pension Scheme for Employees). Each year, the contributions paid are converted into pension points that accumulate in an account in your name.

My spouse has died. Can I benefit from their pension ?

Upon the death of your spouse, you are entitled to the reversion of their basic pension as well as their supplementary pension. If your spouse was an employee, you must be at least 55 years old to receive a survivor's pension from Social Security. The latter is equal to 54% of the pension that the deceased was receiving - or could have received. Agirc-Arcco, which manages the supplementary pension for private sector employees, sets the same age limit. The granting of a survivor's pension is not automatic, you must apply for it and meet certain conditions (amount of your gross annual resources, etc.). In the event of the death of your ex-spouse, you can receive part of their survivor's pension. Be careful, there are exceptions: if you are remarried, you will not be able to benefit from your ex-spouse’s supplementary pension. Please visit the French Assurance retraite website and test your eligibility with their simulator. 

Please note: The draft universal pension scheme bill may change these retirement regulations. This content remains valid until the bill becomes law.

What will the reform of the pension system change ?

The shape of the reform is still unclear. But the main objective is to set up a universal pension system in which each euro contributed gives the same rights, regardless of when it was paid and the status of the contributor.

Please note: The draft universal pension scheme bill may change these retirement regulations. This content remains valid until the bill becomes law.

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