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HSBC Solution Famille

The guarantee of a capital for your loved ones in the event of your death or total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy(1).

Choose your level of capital

Enjoy personalised pricing

Protect the future of your loved ones

Enjoy tax advantages

Why subscribe to HSBC Solution Famille?

The solution for protecting the future of your loved ones:

  • In the event of death by illness or accident, a lump sum payment of €30,000 to €1,000,000 to your loved ones(1)

  • Choose your beneficiaries, even outside your family circle

  • Maintain your standard of living in the event of a Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy(2)

  • The release of emergency capital(3) of €10,000 within 48 hours to cover immediate expenses

  • Modify your capital and designated beneficiary(ies) at any time

    After certain family events (marriage, PACS, birth, adoption), you can also increase guaranteed capital up to a maximum of 20% of the insured capital(4) simply by completing a simplified health questionnaire, subject to the insurer's acceptance.

  • Simplified medical formalities: a simplified health questionnaire up to 400,000 euros (up to 45 years of age).

Tailor-made pricing

The insurance premium is established according to your age, your chosen level of guaranteed capital, plus any options chosen to offer you the best value.

You benefit from a 25% discount as a non-smoker and a 20% discount for a couple subscription valid on the second contract subscribed.

Tax advantages

In the event of death, capital received is exempt from inheritance tax if the beneficiary is your spouse(5).

In the event of a Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, capital paid is exempt from income tax(5).

Options to improve your protection

  • The "Serious illness" option, which allows you to benefit from the early payment of 10% of the death benefit chosen by the insured person up to a maximum of €100,000 in the event of Total Temporary Incapacity for Work resulting from a serious illness (cancer, stroke with lasting sequelae, myocardial infarction)* occurring after the expiry of the initial waiting period.

  • The "Doubling of capital in the event of an accident" option double the guaranteed capital in the event of death or Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy due to an accident.

*Subject to the applicable contractual provisions.

(1) HSBC Solution Famille is a group insurance contract with individual and optional membership in the event of death or Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (PTIA) taken out with HSBC Assurances Vie (France), a company governed by the Code des Assurances (Insurance Code). Within the limits of the provisions of the contract. The HSBC Family Solution policy is a temporary death policy and as such the lump sum is not paid systematically in the event of the insured's death or PTIA. Coverages are subject to limitations and exclusions. Refer to the information notice.

(2) Under the terms of HSBC Solution Famille contract, if you’ve been assessed by an  expert physician, appointed by HSBC Assurances Vie (France), to be totally and permanently unable to conduct any activity or employment leading to personal profit or gain, and you need assistance for at least 3 everyday events, such as taking a shower, getting dressed, moving about or eating, you’d be considered as having a  a PTIA (Perte Totale et Irréversible d’Autonomie, or total and irreversible loss of autonomy) condition.

(3) Subject to receipt of the necessary documents. Only if only one natural person is designated as a first-rank beneficiary. The amount is paid into the beneficiary's bank account within a period of time that takes into account banking transactions. The payment of this sum does not presume acceptance of the file by the insurer. This sum of €10,000 will remain vested in this beneficiary in all cases. 

(4) Up to a total insured amount of €600,000. 

(5) By spouse, it is understood to mean marital or PACS partner. Taxation applicable for successions opened as from 22 August 2007. In the event of the appointment of a single, widowed, divorced or legally separated brother or sister, the capital received shall also be exempt subject to the following conditions: if he or she is at death over 50 years of age or suffers from a disability making it impossible for him or her to provide for his or her living expenses, and if he or she has been constantly domiciled with the deceased for the five years preceding the death.

For any other beneficiary, with regard to contracts currently underwritten by French tax residents, the sums paid on the death of the insured are exempt from inheritance tax, with the exception of the amount corresponding to premiums paid after the insured's 70th birthday for their fraction exceeding €30,500 all beneficiaries and all life and death insurance contracts concluded on the life of the same insured combined. In addition, the last annual premium paid before the insured's 70th birthday is subject to a specific flat-rate withholding tax of 20% for its fraction exceeding 152,500 euros per beneficiary, all life and death insurance contracts concluded on the life of the same insured combined.

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