Online banking features

  • A secured connection

    Login with Secure Key and securely carry out all of your transactions. 

  • 24/7 access

    View your accounts for free (1), at all times

  • An answer to all your needs

    Subscribe to many HSBC France products and services (savings, credit cards, insurance, etc.).

  • Online wealth management

    Access the online management of your securities portfolio and your Life Insurance.

Online management of your accounts

Connect to My Online Bank

Get your Secure Key and enter:

  • Your username 
  • The answer to your security question 
  • Single-use code generated by Secure Key

Manage your HSBC France accounts online

Consult your global banking situation

The balance of:

  • your current accounts
  • your outstanding bank cards
  • your life insurance contracts
  • your securities portfolios
  • The outstanding capital to your loans


Retrieve the 3 month history

  • of your current accounts and savings 
  • of your deferred debit card transactions


You can also:

  • View your e-statements and your annual bank charges summary 
  • Order your cheque books 
  • Freeze your credit card and order your new card 
  • Freeze your credit cards 
  • View and manage the accounts on which you have power of attorney 
  • Print your bank details 
  • Make punctual transfers to France and abroad 
  • Set up scheduled transfers in France 
  • Delete or modify a pending scheduled or punctual transfer to France 
  • View the history of your transfers in France 
  • Manage your transfer beneficiaries in France and abroad (add, delete, modify) 
  • Manage your Libertel credit (refund and release of funds) 
  • View and edit your information 
  • Subscribe to many products and services

Manage your Life Insurance and your securities portfolios

From your secure online account you can directly access:

  • the valuation and online management of your securities portfolio with HSBC Invest in the "Stock exchange and UCI" section.
  • the management of your life insurance policies (consultation, payment, arbitration) from the "Life Insurance" section.

Manage your HSBC Group accounts with My International Accounts

Take advantage of My International Account services:

  • If you are an HSBC Premier or an HSBC Jade customer and you have HSBC accounts in different countries: subscribe directly from My Online Banking to "My International Accounts".

Consult your Group HSBC accounts:

  • View your HSBC accounts held in different countries on one single page.
  • Display the countries of your choice.
  • Access, directly and securely, the online banking spaces of these countries (without having to enter their access code).

Manage your group HSBC accounts:

  • Make immediate, deferred or permanent transfers between your accounts.
  • Enjoy a maximum transfer limit of USD 100,000 per day (or its equivalent).
  • Enjoy the application of the best exchange rate policy.
  • Check the history of your transfers.
  • Access your scheduled transfers to possibly modify them.

My International Accounts - List of countries

The countries between which international transfers are possible in My International Accounts:

Australia, UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Jersey (Offshore), Paraguay, Bermuda, United States, Jordan, Philippines, Brazil, France, Lebanon, Qatar, Brunei, Greece, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong / Macau, Malta, Singapore, China, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Oman, Vietnam

The countries between which international transfers are not possible in My International Accounts:

Colombia, South Korea, Japan


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Remote banking

Access to Remote Banking services are free and without subscription. (Internet, phone*, mobile)


For all questions about remote banking

telephone number 0 810 246 810. Calls cost 0.09 euros per call.

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad (pricing according to operator).

Other remote banking services and tools

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