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HSBC Online Bank


  • A secure connection

    Carry out your day-to-day transactions with Secure Key

  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week

    Manage your accounts for free (1), at any time

  • A range of products to meet your needs

    Apply for HSBC Continental Europe products including savings, credit cards and insurance

  • Wealth management

    Access your investment portfolio and your life insurance policy

Log into your account

Do your day to day banking online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Manage your accounts online

Connect to HSBC Online Bank

With your Secure Key

  1. Enter your user ID
  2. Answer your security question
  3. Generate a unique code on your Digital or Physicial Secure Key

Manage your accounts online

See all your accounts and products in one place

  • current accounts
  • outstanding card balances
  • life insurance
  • investment portfolio
  • mortgage, loan and credit card balances

See your statements for the past three months:

  • current accounts and savings
  • deferred debit card transactions

You can also:

  • view your e-statements and documents
  • order a cheque book
  • report a lost or stolen card and order a replacement
  • view and manage the accounts on which you have power of attorney
  • print your bank details
  • make a one off payment in France or abroad
  • set up a transfers in France
  • view your transfer history
  • delete or amend a pending or one-off payment in France
  • manage your beneficiaries in France or abroad
  • view and edit your personal and financial data
  • register for products and services

Manage your Life Insurance and investment portfolio

From your secure online account you can:

  • manage your investment portfolio with HSBC Invest in Saving & Investing > Stock Market and mutual fund
  • access and manage your life insurance policies on your account summary by clicking on your insurance contract

Manage your HSBC Group accounts with My International Accounts

My International Account services:

If you are an HSBC Premier or Jade customer and you have accounts in different countries you can register in My Online Banking in Global View / Global Transfer.

You can:

  • view your HSBC accounts held in different countries on one page 
  • display the countries of your choice
  • securely access the online banking space of these countries without an access code
  • set up one-off, or recurring payments - now or in the future - between your accounts
  • get the best exchange rates
  • check your transfer history
  • view and modify your scheduled transfers 

You can transfer between these countries and regions in Global View / Global Transfer:

Australia, UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Jersey (Offshore), Paraguay, Bermuda, United States, Jordan, Philippines, Brazil, France, Lebanon, Qatar, Brunei, Greece, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong SAR / Macau SAR, Malta, Singapore, China, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Oman, Vietnam.

However, you can't currently transfer between:

Colombia, South Korea, Japan

Online applications

From your online banking, apply for lots of products online with just a few taps, in the ‘HSBC Products’ section > ‘Accounts and cards’, ‘Borrowing’, ‘Saving and investing’, ‘Insurance’.

Get free protection against online banking fraud with Trusteer Rapport

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Free remote banking

Enjoy free access to our internet, mobile and phone* banking services

Any questions?

Call us for help with online banking

*Dial +33810246810 within France (service €0.09 per call + call price) and for service outside France (cost varies by operator).

Other remote banking services and tools

(1) excluding cost of internet communications

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