Secure Key, for a total control of your accounts, securely

HSBC meets your expectations securely thanks to Secure Key connection.


By activating Secure Key, we offer you 2 types of connection:


- without Secure Key: to consult your accounts and to make current operations,

- with Secure Key: for a complete management of your accounts in complete autonomy. 

Discover the advantages of Secure Key connection on the HSBC France mobile application and/or on the website:

Manage all your HSBC accounts in France and other countries around the world (Global View & Global Transfer)(1)(2)

Add a beneficiary and make a transfer to France or abroad without delay

Send messages to your advisor in complete confidentiality

Provide your new contacts details without having to go anywhere

Place an order to buy or sell securities/Collective Investment  fund in France or abroad

Subscribe to a life insurance in just a few clicks(3)

(1) We remind you that according to current regulations, natural persons, associations and companies not in commercial form, domiciled or established in France for tax purposes, are required to declare, when declaring their income or results, accounts opened, used or closed abroad and related revenues. In addition, in the case of natural persons,  as soon as a  collection of movable income through these accounts occurs, they must pay  social security contributions and, where applicable, an income tax installment.In addition, according to  regulations in effect, natural persons domiciled in France for tax purposes are required to declare, when they  report their income, life insurance policies underwritten with bodies established outsideFrance and, where applicable , related income. In addition, in some cases, the latter must pay, as soon as income is paid, social security contributions.In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the persons concerned may be subject to tax reminders and the application of tax penalties (fines, surcharges, default interest). For more information on the tax obligations you incur, we recommend that you contact your usual advisor.

(2) Global View and Global Transfer services are reserved for HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers. For more information on the service:

(3) Online subscription is possible for the HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Vie 2 contract, a group life insurance policy in Euros subscribed by HSBC France  offering individual and optional subscription and variable capital.