Secure Key, high level protection

Secure Key is the HSBC security system that generates single-use codes to:

  • Log into your account
  • Validate your sensitive transactions from the HSBC France mobile application and the

Equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of security, it provides you with a high level of protection against fraud.

Login with Secure Key

From the site

1. Click the logon button. 2. Fill in your identifier then your security question answer. 3. If you have Secure Key mobile, login on your app, on the menu click on Secure Key Mobile, fill on your confidential code and a unique code appears. If you have the Secure Key device, push the green button for 2 seconds, enter your PIN code, push the green button, a unique code appears. 4. Fill in the unique code on your desktop.

Secure key mobile. Login with your confidential code or login with touch ID/fingerprint, or login with face ID.

Secure key box. 1 Click on the secure key login button on your mobile. 2 Fill in the answer to your security question. 3 Use your secure key device and press the green button for 2 seconds. 4 Enter your PIN code. 5 Push the green button. 6 A unique code will appear. 7 Fill in the unique code from the secure key device into your mobile.

Add a beneficiary

On the site

Secure key mobile. 1. Connect since your application. 2. On the menu click on secure key mobile. 3. Fill in your confidential code. 4. Fill in the last 6 figures of the account number to be recorded then your personal identification code. 5. A unique code will appear.

Secure key box. 1 Push the green button for two seconds. 2 Enter your PIN code. 3 When HSBC appears on the screen, push the yellow button. 4 Fill in the last six figures of the account number to be recorded then your personal identification code. 5 Push the yellow button to show the unique code.

On the mobile app

1. Click on transfers. 2. click on manage my beneficiaries. 3. Click on add a beneficiary. 4. fill in beneficiary information. 5. fill in your confidential code to validate beneficiary. 

New smartphone if you have Secure Key

You must activate your Secure Key on your new smartphone.
On your old smartphone, Secure Key will be disabled and the generated single-use codes will no longer be recognized by HSBC.

We recommend that you remove the HSBC mobile app from your old smartphone.