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HSBC V.I.E.(1)

Discover our offer V.I.E. (International Corporate Volunteers) and open your account on with your special discount code: HSBCVIE

My welcome offer(1)

€80 in Illicado(2) gift vouchers

My international services

  • help with opening an account abroad(3) (4)
  • free withdrawals at HSBC cash machines outside the Eurozone(5)
  • see all your global HSBC accounts in one place and make free transfers(7) between them with Global View(4)(6) and Global Transfer(4)(6)
€1 annual account fee during your V.I.E.

My card and my account

  • provision of a Visa Classic or Visa Premier debit card (International payment card with immediate or deferred debit)(8) for as long as you volunteer 
  • everyday banking, including account fees, card re-issues and cancelling cheques 
  • payment insurance in case of loss or theft(10)
  • overdraft facility: up to €500 a month(11)

(1) Offer valid for the first time account opened from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021. Information  at the agency. Specific tariff conditions reserved for V. I. E. Volontaires Internationaux en Entreprise (International Corporate Volunteers). Subject to acceptance of the file and within the limits of the provisions laid down in the contract.

(2) Card offered subject to account operation (3 withdrawals and payments) within 2 months following the opening of the 1st bank account. Can be used in conjunction with other current offers and does not apply to HSBC Continental Europe members of staff. The gift card is valid for one or more purchases in stores and online, to the nearest euro. Valid for 12 months. For a list of retail partners, go to

(3) Subject to acceptance of the application  by the HSBC branch concerned and in accordance with local regulations.

(4) We remind you that, in accordance with the regulations in force, individuals, associations and companies not having a commercial form, domiciled, or established for tax purposes in France, are required to declare, when filing their tax return or income tax return, accounts opened, held, used, or closed abroad as well as the related income. In addition, for individuals, as soon as they receive income from movable property through these accounts, they must pay social security contributions and, where applicable, an income tax instalment. Finally, under certain conditions, the fraction of the value representative of real estate assets of shares or stocks of companies or organizations held in these accounts must be declared to the tax on real estate assets if the holders concerned are liable to pay it. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the persons concerned may be subject to tax reminders and the application of sanctions. We recommend that you consult an independent advisor for further information on your tax and reporting obligations.

(5) Outside the Euro zone, withdrawals made at an HSBC Group distributor are exempt from HSBC withdrawal fees in France. In some countries and territories your withdrawals may be subject to additional charges levied by the foreign bank (including HSBC banks) or the ATM owner/operator.

(6) “My International Accounts” service in your online space. For HSBC Continental Europe, deposit accounts denominated in euros are eligible for “My international transfers”.

(7) Up to USD 100,000 (or its equivalent) and subject to eligibility. Additional fees may be charged by French or foreign correspondents for a particular service or following a foreign exchange transaction. The exchange rate corresponds to the exchange price of the currency at the time the transaction is executed plus a variable margin depending on the amount of the transaction and the currency processed.

(8) Within the meaning of Article D312-1-1 of the French Monetary and Financial Code. Subject to acceptance by the branch.

(9) Preferential  rate for the subscription of the HSBC Hexagon agreement during the term of the V.I.E. Tariff renewable each year upon presentation of the V.I.E. contract. Offer subject to conditions only at branches of the Bank’s network, subject to  acceptance by the Bank. Access to products and services may be restricted to certain persons or in certain countries.

(10) HSBC Volassur is a group insurance policy with individual and optional membership taken out through HSBC  Continental Europe with AIG Europe (SA). Within the limits of the contractual provisions.

(11) Subject to acceptance of the file. Cash facility usable 15 calendar days maximum per month, consecutive or not. Example for an overdraft of €500 per day for 15 days: total cost of €3.21 (including the highest overdraft commission calculated at a rate of 0.05%) with an interest rate equal to the HSBC base rate + 7%, i.e. on 01/01/2020 a rate of 14.40%. APR: 16.90%, i.e. an APR for a unit period of 1 day of 0.0428%.

(12) Call +33 810 246 810 from abroad (charges may vary depending on your service provider).

HSBC Continental Europe - Public limited company with a capital of 491 155 980 euros - SIREN 775 670 284 RCS Paris - Registered office: 38, avenue Kléber - 75116 Paris - Bank and insurance intermediary registered with ORIAS (Organisation for the Registration of Insurance Intermediaries - under number 07 005 894.

HSBC Assurances Vie (France) - Public limited company with a capital of 115 000 000 euros - SIREN 338 075 062 RCS Nanterre - Postal address: 38, avenue Kléber - 75116 Paris - Registered office: Immeuble Coeur Défense - 110, esplanade du Général de Gaulle - 92 400 Courbevoie

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