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HSBC Évolution Patrimoine Vie 2

Flexible life insurance to suit you

Manage your assets to make your plans a reality

Grow your investments

Transfer your assets

Plan for your children’s future

Prepare for retirement

Why choose HSBC Évolution Patrimoine Vie 2?

  • Accessible

    Open from €1,000

  • Affordable


    Make one-off payments from €1,000 and regular monthly payments from just €75


  • Flexible

    Choose the management option that suits you(1), and change it to suit your needs

  • Rewarding

    Save more on management fees as your policy value grows

How do you want to manage your policy?

You can choose from three management options to suit you, and move if your needs change(2).

Stay in control

With our “gestion libre” (self management) you can manage your savings independently and freely make switches between your different vehicles.

Trust in our experts

Thanks to management with a “mandat d’arbitrage” (discretionary portfolio management), delegate the management of your investment to our financial experts. Our specialists determine a strategy to actively manage your savings according to market conditions.

Manage it automatically

The “gestion pilotée” (pilot management) is available only in branch. The HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Vie 2 contract is designed for you to maintain an allocation over time which matches your risk profile... 

Choose the right option for you

  • progressive investment(3): help reduce your risk and smooth out the market by making your investments over several months.
  • limit orders(3): help protect and/or boost your earnings by automatically selling when the value reaches your chosen level.
  • stop loss(3): help protect your investments against market crashes by automatically selling when the value falls to your chosen level.


Investments in unit links(5), subject to market fluctuations, may fluctuate both upward and downward and present a risk of capital loss.

Protect your capital

Choose the "Garantie Plancher(2)" (Death Benefit') when you start your policy to ensure that, in the event of the insured's death, the named beneficiaries get at least a share of the total payments made (not investments sold). Conditions apply(4).

Applicable taxes

Life insurance provides tax relief in the event of account closure or death.

Transfer before your 70th birthday to share these tax benefits with your beneficiaries.

Things you should know

Before you apply, please read the following documents. To discuss with an adviser, please make an appointment.

Useful tools and advice

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Your introduction to preparing for your loved ones' future.


The easy way to find a policy to match your needs and budget.


See how long it'll take to reach your investment goals.


Find out what you could do if you start preparing now.

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(1) To subscribe to a capitalization or transfer contract, please visit your branch. Similarly, to opt for managed or mandate management you must make an appointment.

(2) Within the limits of the provisions of the contract.

(3) Options available only for the “gestion libre” (self management). Refer to the contractual provisions for the operating procedures of each option. Before investing in an OPC, you should carefully read the simplified prospectus, a regulatory document approved by the AMF or the DICI (Key Investor Information Document), available from HSBC Continental Europe agencies or on, as well as the Information Notice/Guidelines for the life insurance or capitalisation contract and the appendix "Financial Support" containing the supports available on the contract and the applicable fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments, subject to market fluctuations, can fluctuate both upwards and downwards and present a risk of capital loss.

(4) The amount of additional capital is limited to 50% of the net payments of expenses, up to a maximum of €750,000. Please refer to the information notice for details, including the conditions for subscribing to this coverage and the exclusions provided. 

(5) Before investing in a unit-linked investment vehicle backed by a Collective Investment Scheme (UCI) governed by French or foreign law, you must read the French version of the Key Investor Information Document (TICI) or the Specific Information Document (DIS) available from HSBC branches or by consulting the electronic address, as well as the Key Information Document (KID), the Information Notice or the General Conditions of the life insurance or capitalisation contract and the appendix "Financial funds" presenting the funds available on the contract and the applicable fees. Before you make any investment decision it is your responsibility to ensure, with the help of your usual advisors, that the medium or media in question correspond to the regulations to which you are subject (and in particular the local legislation to which you may be subject). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and should be analyzed with caution.

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