Ways to build your wealth

An innovative range

Invest in all asset classes, geographies, management styles and benefit from external managers' funds selected by HSBC Global Asset Management

Profiled investments

Choose how you Invest your savings to match your risk sensitivity

A progressive capital

Gradually build up a capital by making single or scheduled payments according to the provisions of the contract(1)

Special Tax

Benefit from a special tax framework in the event of policy surrender or death(2): taxation and transfer

Is this contract right for me?

HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie 2 could meet your needs if you:

  • wish to grow and/or pass on your wealth
  • wish to delegate the management of your savings to our experts


A life insurance policy that is regularly rewarded and recognised by experts, with one of the best returns on euro-denominated veg on the market, at +2.15%.

HSBC Wealth Strategy was awarded the Golden Trophy by Le Revenu magazine in 2019*

Your choice of 3 arbitration mandate

  • Patrimoine Europe, a geographical and thematic approach to European actions.
  • Patrimoine Monde et Europe, a geographical and thematic approach with a significant part of its allocation in Europe.
  • Patrimoine Monde et Emergents, a geographical and thematic approach with an opening to emerging countries.

Possibility to change your management mode

You can change your management mode whenever you like(1).

Do you want to keep control?

With self-management you manage your savings independently and choose the trade-offs between your different investment media. On a daily basis, on the Internet or with your advisor, you can choose between many Account Units and the Euros Avenir euro vehicle.

Would you like to entrust your savings to HSBC experts?

Thanks to management via an arbitration mandate, you can delegate the management of your investment to our financial experts. HGAM (HSBC Global Asset Management) managers establish a strategy to actively manage your savings based on market conditions.

A quality financial range

HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine 2 proposes Euros Avenir vehicle, as well as a selection of units of account offering diversification in terms of asset classes, geographical allocations, themes, management styles, etc.

Think about innovative financial options for your savings

Investments in account units, subject to market fluctuations, may fluctuate both upward and downward and present a risk of capital loss.
Manage your investments through financial options (2):

  • Progressive investment(2): limit the risk of market fluctuations by making your investment over several months and not all at once.
  • Automatic capital gains arbitrage(2): capital gains arbitrage automatically triggered to the chosen medium if the gains reach the threshold you have previously set.
  • Limitation of capital losses (2): protect your investments in the event of a major disruption of the financial markets by automatically disinvesting all your assets in the relevant medium if the your capital loss threshold is reached.

Tax applicable to the life insurance contract

The taxation of life insurance contracts for income tax purposes applies.

A tax system specific to life insurance applies in the event of surrender and death(4)

Protecting your capital

Upon enrolment, opt for the Garantie Plancher (Death Benefit)(1): it ensures that, in the event of the death of the insured, each designated beneficiary receives a minimum capital corresponding to the aggregate of the net payments invested (not redeemed), subject to conditions(3)

Would you like to know more about HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie 2?

For more information, book an appointment with your advisor by clicking here

Always by your side

Online and in your branch, HSBC supports you and advises you on the best methods to plan and complete your payments and arbitrations.

*Reward obtained on version 1 of the product

(1) Within the limits of the provisions of the contract. 

(2) Options available only for free management. Refer to the contractual provisions for the operating procedures of each option. Before investing in a UCI (collective investment undertaking), you should carefully read the simplified prospectus, a regulatory document approved by the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) or the DICI (Document d'Information Clé pour l'Investisseur), available from HSBC France agencies, as well as the Information Notice/Guidelines for life insurance or capitalisation contracts and the appendix "Financial supports" containing the supports available on the contract and the applicable fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments, subject to market fluctuations, can fluctuate both upwards and downwards and present a risk of capital loss.  

(3) The amount of additional capital is limited to 50% of the net payments of expenses, up to a maximum of €750,000. Please refer to the information notice for details, including the conditions for subscribing to this coverage and the exclusions provided for.

(4) Taxation applicable as of 01/10/2018 to French tax residents, subject to subsequent amendments to tax legislation.