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HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie 2

Comprehensive cover offering both HSBC and third-party funds

A great way to build your wealth


Invest in a choice of global assets, plus external funds chosen by our experts


Choose how you invest your savings to match your risk sensitivity


Build your savings with regular or lump-sum payments to suit your budget(1)


Enjoy a range of tax benefits when you close your policy or leave an inheritance(2)

Why choose HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie 2?

  • flexible
Save for your future plans or to support your loved ones.
  • easy

Let our investment experts manage your portfolio.

  • award-winning

Our life insurance is regularly rewarded and recognised by experts.

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Choose from 3 quality portfolios

1. Patrimoine Europe

Invest in a range of assets, exclusively in the European market.

2. Patrimoine Monde et Europe

Invest in a range of assets worldwide with a significant allocation in Europe.

3. Patrimoine Monde et Emergents

Invest in a range of assets worldwide with a view to exploring emerging markets.

Decide how to manage your investments

You can change your management option whenever you like(1).


1. Self management

You manage your savings independently and choose the trade-offs between your different investment media. On a daily basis, on the Internet or with your advisor, you can choose between many Account Units and the Euros Avenir euro vehicle.

2. HSBC Global Asset Management

Thanks to management via an arbitration mandate, you can delegate the management of your investment to our financial experts. HGAM (HSBC Global Asset Management) managers establish a strategy to actively manage your savings based on market conditions.

Invest in external funds

HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie 2 proposes Euros Avenir vehicle, as well as a selection of units of account offering diversification in terms of asset classes, geographical allocations, themes, management styles, etc.

Choose from a range of innovative investment options

Investments in account units, subject to market fluctuations, may fluctuate both upward and downward and present a risk of capital loss.
Manage your investments through financial options (2):

  • progressive investment(2): help reduce your risk and smooth out the market by making your investments over several months.
  • limit orders(2): help protect and/or boost your earnings by automatically selling when the value reaches your chosen level
  • stop loss(2): help protect your investments against market crashes by automatically selling when the value falls to your chosen level.

The value of investments can go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you invest.

Enjoy valuable tax benefits

Life insurance policies are subject to income tax.

Life insurance is subject to specific taxes in case of surrender or death(4).

Protect your capital

Choose the Garantie Plancher(2) (Death Benefit')  when you start your policy to ensure that, in the event of the insured's death, the named beneficiaries get at least a share of the total payments made (not investments sold). Conditions apply(3).

Things you need to know

Before you apply, please read the following documents. To discuss with an adviser, please book an appointment.

How to apply

Speak to us in branch to find the right options for you.

Useful tools and advice

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Your introduction to preparing for your loved ones' future.

  The easy way to find a policy to match your needs and budget.  
  See how long it'll take to reach your investment goals.  
  Find out what you could do later if you start now.  

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(1) Within the limits of the provisions of the contract. 

(2) Options available only for free management. Refer to the contractual provisions for the operating procedures of each option. Before investing in a UCI (collective investment undertaking), you should carefully read the simplified prospectus, a regulatory document approved by the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) or the DIC (Document d'Information Clé), available from HSBC Continental Europe agencies, as well as the Information Notice/Guidelines for life insurance or capitalisation contracts and the appendix "Financial supports" containing the supports available on the contract and the applicable fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments, subject to market fluctuations, can fluctuate both upwards and downwards and present a risk of capital loss.

(3) The amount of additional capital is limited to 50% of the net payments of expenses, up to a maximum of €750,000. Please refer to the information notice for details, including the conditions for subscribing to this coverage and the exclusions provided for.

(4) Taxation applicable as of January 1st 2020 to French tax residents, subject to subsequent amendments to tax legislation.

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