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HSBC Transmission Patrimoine Vie 2


Tax-efficient savings for your children or grandchildren


Pass on your wealth to future generations

Save on tax

Transfer before your 70th birthday to reduce the tax paid by your beneficiaries

Give over €152,500 per person

Provide for non-tax exempt heirs such as partners or siblings, subject to conditions

Leave a strong legacy

Invest a third of your savings in useful economic sectors, like small to medium businesses

Enjoy more growth

Invest for the medium to long term in five quality diversified funds

Why choose HSBC Transmission Patrimoine Vie 2?

  • dedicated to wealth transfer(1)

- help your loved ones get the most benefit from your life insurance strategy

  • manage your savings easily

Start with at least €30,000 of capital, then you can:

- make one-off payments from €1,000

- make regular monthly payments from €75

- a single management mode: piloted management

  • benefit from"Vie Génération" tax relief  

Our automatically managed policy ensures that your investments qualify.

What is the "Vie Génération" scheme?

It's a tax-efficient way to invest in the development and dynamism of small businesses in France and Europe.

To benefit from tax relief, you must be at least 33% invested in priority sectors on HSBC Euro PME support.

The rest of your policy is invested in one of our four most high-end diversified funds.

What are the tax benefits?

'Vie Génération' tax relief means your beneficiaries save an extra 20% on sums transferred through this policy.

This is before the flat-rate deduction of €152,500 provided for under Article 990I of the General Tax Code(2) except for spouses or PACS partners(3), as part of an estate.

Other applicable taxes

Life insurance policies are subject to income tax if you close your account.

Protect Your Capital

Choose the "Garantie Plancher(4)" (Death Benefit') when you start your policy to ensure that when the insured person dies, the chosen beneficiaries get the additional capital due to them.

The additional capital is the difference, when positive, between the premiums paid but not surrendered minus payment charges, and death benefit available on the claim date.

Things you need to know


Before you apply, please read the following document. To discuss with an adviser, please book an appointment.


For the portion of unit-linked rights, the amounts invested are not guaranteed but are subject to upward or downward fluctuations, depending in particular on developments on the financial markets. They present a risk of capital loss borne entirely by the subscriber*.

Label ISR

How to apply

Speak to us in branch to find the right options for you.

Useful tools and advice

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Your introduction to preparing for your loved ones' future.
  The easy way to find a policy to match your needs and budget.  
  See how long it'll take to reach your investment goals.  
  Find out what you could do if you start preparing now.  

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* Before investing in a unit-linked investment vehicle backed by a Collective Investment Scheme (UCI) governed by French or foreign law, you must read the French version of the Document d’Information Clé pour l’Investisseur (DICI- Key Investor Information Document) or the Document d’Informations Spécifiques (DIS- Specific Information Document) available from HSBC branches or by consulting the electronic address, as well as the Document d’Informations Clés (DIC - Key Information Document), the Notice d’Informations (Information Notice) or the General Conditions of the life insurance or capitalisation contract and the appendix “Supports Financiers” (Financial supports) presenting the investment supports available on the contract and the applicable fees. Before any investment decision is made, it is your responsibility to ensure, with the help of your usual advisors, that the medium or media in question correspond to the regulations to which you are subject (and in particular the local legislation to which you may be subject). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and should be analysed with caution.

(1) With a capital to be transferred of more than €152,500 per beneficiary, for non-exempt heirs (spouses, PACS partners, or brother and sister under conditions)

(2) for payments made before age 70, provided for by Article 990I of the Code Général des Impôts (General Tax Code)

(3) brother and sister under conditions

(4) Within the limits of the provisions of the contract. The amount of additional capital paid under the Garantie Plancher (Death Benefit) is limited to 50% of the payments made but not redeemed less expenses, up to a maximum of €750,000.

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