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Switching your current account, transfers and Direct Debits is a breeze with our free(1) HSBC Easy service.

Already a customer?

Log on to online banking and select ‘HSBC Products’ then ‘Accounts and cards’.

New to HSBC?

Profit from our wealth management expertise

Business customers?

Find out about our dedicated switching service for business accounts.

HSBC Easy makes it simple to switch your bank

We'll ask your old bank for a list of all your regular Direct Debits and payments and automatically set them up in your HSBC account.

You don't need to do anything. We'll let your payees know what your new bank account details are. We can also close your old bank account for you.

Free(1), simple and secure. HSBC Easy makes switching banks a breeze.

Set Title


Give HSBC Continental Europe in France permission to move your regular outgoings to your new account.


Pay nothing to switch(1), no matter how many people we need to let know you're switching.


Check how your switch is going(2) in online banking.

How it works

Who is HSBC Easy for?

HSBC Easy is for any individual customer with a personal deposit or payment account in France. 

Business customers can use HSBC Easy Pro to switch.

Which banking activities does HSBC Easy cover?

HSBC Easy supports:

  • transfers to your current deposit account such as your salary, social benefits or any other recurring transfers
  • tax or bill deductions like insurance, energy, phone, broadband etc

Please note: HSBC Easy only applies to switching your current account. Savings accounts, loans or insurance products with your previous bank can't be transferred to HSBC with this service.

How to switch to HSBC

Prepare your documents

Have your most current bank statement ready. Then go to 'HSBC products' then 'Accounts and cards' in online banking.

Give us permission to switch your account to HSBC

Complete the HSBC Easy form online, then submit it with an electronic signature.

Follow the right steps to switch banks

You can track the progress of your switch at any time in online banking. Just go to 'HSBC products', then 'Accounts and cards'.

How long will it take?

From the day you submit the HSBC Easy switching form, it normally takes us 12 days to: 

  • get all the Direct Debit information from your old bank
  • send you this information
  • let the Direct Debit issuers know you're switching banks

The organisations you have Direct Debits with may take different amounts of time to process your new bank details. Direct Debit issuers have 10 working days to take these changes into account and to let you know.

We recommend you keep some money in your old account to avoid missing any potential payments, and that you have enough in your new account before closing your old account.

How do I submit and track my application?

To start your switch, have your old bank details ready. This will help us to get all your regular payment and Direct Debit information, so you can easily view them in your new HSBC account. 

You can track the status of your switch any time in online banking. Just go to 'HSBC Services > HSBC Easy'.

(1) According to applicable regulations. 

(2) Accounts of which you are the only holder or joint accounts only.

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