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Switch to HSBC and receive €100 in vouchers – it’s easy. Terms and conditions apply(1) 

Why switch to HSBC?


Take advantage of a switching service that's absolutely free. 


Check which transactions have been made with your new bank details.


Set up the transfer of regular payments to your new account in just a couple of clicks.


Manage everything to do with your change of banks in online banking.

How it works

HSBC Easy makes it simple to switch your salary, investments and regular transfers to your new HSBC account.

We'll ask your old bank for a list of all your regular transfers and withdrawals – from tax payments to utility bills – and let the organisations know your new banking details. We'll also send a copy of the list to you.

It will take up to 12 business days to set up your new payments. The exact time will depend on how long it takes the organisations to process your new banking details. They have 10 days to make the changes and let you know.

Things you should know

  • Keep funds in your old account to honour existing payments until you're sure they've been transferred to your new account
  • Make sure you've credited money to your new account before you stop using or close your old account
  • Keep a record of your old bank account details and regular payments 
  • Check your details at any time by logging on to online banking and going to 'My information'

Frequently asked questions

Switch to HSBC

If you're new to HSBC, complete the quick online form.

Existing customers

If you're already registered for online banking, log on and go to 'Online Subscription' under 'Daily Banking'.

(1) Offer valid from January 8, 2019 to December 31, 2020. You will receive e-gift vouchers worth € 100 as soon as you have made 3 direct payments or transfers on your account.

This offer is limited to 1 HSBC account per household and € 100  in vouchers. E-gift vouchers are valid at more than 150 partners for online purchases within 6 months of issue. Vouchers can only be used for purchases of higher value. See the list of participating merchants at https://hsbc.bankingrewards.en/catalogue/

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