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HSBC Premier

Benefit from our expert asset management experience when you’re accepted to our premier service.

Why apply to HSBC Premier?

Change, build and, sometimes start again – life is full of unexpected challenges. To help you meet them, HSBC Premier provides you with services and support to make your daily life run more smoothly. You’ll always have access to a relationship manager who understands your needs. With the help of our expert knowledge, you can build your assets and bring your projects to life. 

As an HSBC Premier customer, you’ll benefit from preferential service in France and all over the world. For instance, you and your family can enjoy benefits worth up to €235(1).

HSBC Premier at a glance

  • a dedicated HSBC Premier relationship manager 
  • no current account fees 
  • a home buying service 
  • access to HSBC expertise 
  • our renowned international services
  • exclusive partner benefits

Your advantages as an HSBC Premier customer

A couple with 3 children can access up to €235 worth of benefits compared to our usual fees(2)

  • a joint account with no management fees: €28
  • 2 HSBC One debit cards – payment cards with instant approval for transactions*: €70
  • annual assets statement: €22
  • administrative fees for a €10,000 birth personal loan: €100 (estimate)
  • emergency international cash transfer: €15€ (one per year)

You can also enjoy a 50% discount for a second debit card on the same account(3).

* Payment cards provided upon bank approval.

For an expat customer in UK:

You’ll access up to €315 savings compared to our standard fees(2)

  • no account management fees: €28 
  • account opening service in the UK: €140
  • global View/Global Transfer services: €125 (based on 10 transfers per year)
  • annual assets statement: €22

How do I become an HSBC Premier customer?

You can benefit from HSBC Premier advantages as long as you:

  • pay a minimum €4,500 per month (or €6,000 for a household) of personal income, including salary, pension, property and so on, in France into an HSBC Continental Europe account, or
  • entrust us with a minimum of 75 000€ in assets including deposits, savings, life insurance, securities and so on

HSBC Premier makes your life easier


Rely on a relationship manager who’s available whenever you are.(1) 


Foresee issues and challenges your projects may encounter thanks to our expert advice.


Prepare for the future, fearlessly with our renowned wealth experts.


Enjoy dedicated services in all our HSBC branches.

(1) Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00 and Saturday 09:00-17:30. On bank holidays, opening hours are 09:00-17:30. Unless otherwise stated, bank holidays within weekdays (Monday to Saturday) are still workdays, except for 1 May and 25 December.

(2) Advantages calculated on the basis of the HSBC Continental Europe fee applicable on 1July 2020.

(3) Discount valid for all HSBC Continental Europe customers for any provision of an identical personal debit card, or from a lower category than the one currently owned on the same account.

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