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Travelling abroad

Take advantage of one of the world's leading banking networks.

  • Fee-free withdrawals at over 18,000 HSBC ATMs worldwide(1).

  • Emergency cash of up to $2,000 if your cards are lost or stolen(2).

  • Premier service and support at all our branches worldwide

  • Premier benefits for your children until their 25th birthday

  • Free transfers and withdrawals in the Eurozone.

Moving abroad

Whether you're leaving or returning to France, your Relationship Manager can help.

  • Find out about the banking system in your new home country or region before you move

  • Get advice on opening accounts abroad(3).

  • Enjoy help and support before, during and after your move

  • Transfer money free between your HSBC accounts worldwide with Global Transfers(4)(5).

  • See all your HSBC accounts around the world in one place with Global View(6).

(1) Outside the Euro zone, withdrawals made at an HSBC Group distributor are exempt from HSBC withdrawal fees in France. In some countries and territories your withdrawals may be subject to additional charges levied by the foreign bank (including HSBC banks) or the ATM owner/operator.

(2) Or its equivalent in local currency and subject to prior approval by the Bank.

(3) 10 working days after receipt of your complete file, subject to acceptance by the relevant HSBC branch in accordance with local regulations.

(4) We remind you that according to the regulations in effect, natural persons, associations, and companies not in commercial form, domiciled or established in France for tax purposes, are required to declare, when declaring income or results, accounts opened, used or closed abroad and related revenues. In addition, in the case of natural persons, as soon as a collection of real estateincome occurs through these accounts, they must pay social security contributions and, where applicable, an income tax installment. Finally, under some conditions, the value related to real estate securities on these accounts must be declared to real estate tax administration if concerned holders are reliable. Moreover, these accounts must be declared to wealth tax if the relevant holders are liable to it. In addition, according to the regulations in effect, individuals domiciled in France for tax purposes are required to declare, when they file their income, certain information related to capitalization and investment contracts of the same nature, and in particular to life insurance policies subscribed with bodies established outside France and, where applicable, the products generated by these contracts in the case of a total or partial surrender. In addition, the latter must also pay social security contributions payable under their contract. Finally, these contracts must be declared to the wealth tax if the holders concerned are liable to it. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the persons concerned are exposed to tax reminders and the application of sanctions. For more information on your tax obligations, we recommend that you approach an independent board.

(5) Up to $100,000 (or its equivalent).

(6) "My International Accounts" service in your online account. For HSBC Continental Europe, the accounts eligible for "My International Transfers" are deposit accounts held in Euros.

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