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Special family rates(1)

  • No current account management fee

  • Free Debit or cash  card for your children until they're 18(2).

  • No entry fees on gift or inheritance reinvested in HSBC life insurance(3).

  • No admin fees on personal loans for birth of a new baby(4).

  • Student loans at preferential rates(5).

    Get 50% off a second debit card for the same account(6).

Financial expertise

Free advice from our wealth and financial experts to help you plan for your future. 

Exclusive HSBC investment services:

  • Financial Planning Service

    Talk to your Relationship Manager about the best ways to protect your loved ones, fund your children’s education or save for retirement.

  • Espace Patrimoine

    This online service gives you an overview of your investments with HSBC and their performance over time.

Premier Privileges

Enjoy exclusive benefits with our Premier Privilege program(7)

  • Save on travel, treats, entertainment and much more

It's easy to benefit:

  • Log on to your online banking to see your offers

  • Present your HSBC Premier card in our partner stores

A loan is a serious commitment and must be repaid in full. Please make sure you can afford the repayments before you apply.

(1) Subject to qualifying for the HSBC Premier offer as described in this brochure.

(2) Until their 18th birthday. Providing a withdrawal or debit card (instant debit payment card with automatic authorisation): HSBC Visa Plus card or HSBC Visa Electron card or HSBC One card. Offer available only for a HSBC Visa Plus card linked to a Livret Jeune, Livret A or “Compte sur Livret” account opened in the child’s name and, from 16 years old, for a HSBC Visa Electron or HSBC One debit card linked to a deposit account opened in the child’s name.

(3) No entry fees on gifts or inheritance reinvested in HSBC life insurance policies or capitalisation contracts with a minimum investment of €10,000, at least 40% of which is invested in units of account. See conditions and list of contracts and documentation in branch. This offer may end at any time without prior notice. The gift must have been made by official deed or been the subject of a hand-to-hand gift declared to the tax authorities. Annual management fees will be applied according to the conditions in the life insurance policy or capitalisation contract. 

(4) Subject to the Bank’s review and acceptance of the application. Offer valid up to 12 months after the birth. Cooling-off period of 14 calendar days from the date of accepting the loan agreement applies.  

(5)  Subject to the Bank’s review and acceptance of the application. Cooling-off period of 14 calendar days from the date of accepting the loan agreement applies.

(6) Discount available to all HSBC Continental Europe customers for a debit or lower category card on the same account.  

(7) Offers and partners are subject to change.

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