Your benefits as a French expat

International Centre

Our English-speaking and French-speaking International advisers are specialists in helping international clients.


They are available by phone, by e-mail or videoconference, or you can meet them at the HSBC branch on the Champs Elysées in Paris.


Open Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays(2)

A complete review of your finances with your HSBC adviser before you leave

What banking products can you keep whilst you’re away? Which new ones do you have access to?


Your adviser will sit down with you to conduct a comprehensive financial review to ensure you feel prepared before you leave.

A helpful list of steps you could take before you leave

Terminate contracts, establishing your new tax residence or helping you continue to enjoy French social security protection while you’re abroad.


We’ll provide you with a list of questions you can ask yourself to ensure you’ve thought of everything before you leave.

Manage all your HSBC accounts around the world

Our Global View(1) and Global Transfer(1) services allows you to view all your HSBC accounts around the world on a single screen, and to make free transfers(4) from your euro accounts to your global HSBC accounts.

And in addition

  • Free withdrawals using your HSBC card at 18,000 HSBC cash machines around the world(4)

  • 20% off your first subscription to language courses from Babbel(5)

How to apply

Speak with an adviser

To find out more about international services, make an appointment with an adviser at the international center

New to HSBC?

Complete your application online

(1) "My International Accounts" service in your online space. For HSBC France, the accounts eligible for "My international transfers" are deposit accounts denominated in euros.

We remind you that according to the regulations in force, individuals, associations, and companies not having the commercial form, domiciled or established for tax purposes in France, are required to declare, when declaring their income or results, the accounts opened, held, used or closed abroad as well as the related income. In addition, as soon as individuals receive income from movable property through these accounts, they must pay social security contributions and, where applicable, a down payment of income tax. Finally, under certain conditions, the portion of the representative value of real estate assets of shares or shares in companies or organisations held in these accounts must be declared for tax purposes if the holders concerned are liable for it. In addition, under current regulations, individuals domiciled for tax purposes in France are required to declare, when filing their income tax returns, certain information relating to capitalisation contracts and investments of the same nature, and in particular life insurance contracts, taken out with organisations established outside France and, where applicable, the income generated on these contracts when they are fully or partially surrendered. In addition, the latter must also pay the social security contributions due under their contract. Finally, the surrender value of surrenderable insurance contracts and capitalisation warrants or contracts up to the fraction of their representative value of units of account composed of taxable real estate assets must be declared for tax purposes if the holders concerned are liable for it. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the persons concerned are exposed to tax reminders and the application of sanctions. For further details regarding your reporting and tax obligations, we recommend that you consult an independent adviser.

(2) Except on public holidays.

(3) Up to USD 100,000 (or its equivalent).

(4) Fees may nevertheless be charged by the local bank in some countries.

(5) Offer valid for a first subscription of 3, 6 or 12 months to learn a language. Subscription fees for Babbel language courses available on Offer reserved for individual HSBC France customers, can be combined with other current offers, limited to one access per person or per tax household. To benefit from the offer, the customer must register with Babbel via the link dedicated to HSBC customers. Offer valid as of June 1, 2019, subject to change/deletion at any time. The terms and conditions of the Babbel service are those of the contract signed directly between the customer and Babbel and for which HSBC France is neither a party nor a guarantor. HSBC France cannot be held responsible for the performance of these services by Babbel and the consequences of such performance for users.