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HSBC France online investment service

Brexit is likely to affect our PEA and PEA-PME equity savings plans. Please see our FAQs to find out more.


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HSBC Invest(1)

  • Easy and efficient

    Complete transactions on HSBC stocks, bonds and UCITS with our real time(2) platform.

  • Dedicated expertise

    Call our customer service centre's expert Equity team to place your orders or ask for information.

  • Attractive pricing

    Enjoy €0 transaction fees when you make at least 15 orders per semester on Euronext.

  • Market insights

    Find out about all the latest economic news, opinions and analysts' advice.

€0 custody fees

Get €0 custody fees(3) when you make 15 orders or more each semester on the Euronext markets (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels).

The fees are debited on 30 June and 31 December each year, based on the securities held in your portfolio. See our current pricing policy in branch, or visit our website.

How HSBC Invest works

New for you in HSBC Invest:

  • access to US, UK, German and Spanish exchanges
  • competitive pricing
  • available on laptop, mobile phone and tablet

Trade more easily online

Enjoy instant information and transactions on stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), warrants and UCITS(2) with HSBC Invest.

Easily manage your own portfolio, whenever you want, with a basic securities account, Equity Savings Plan (PEA) and SME PEA.

You can also make transfers between accounts, or check the assets you hold with HSBC France, anytime with online banking.

Place orders online or with our app

  • free access to real-time Euronext quotations
  • all the information and features you need to invest
  • instant trading on Euronext markets
  • live portfolio valuations, including growth, losses and taxation


Call our expert investment team

Just call our customer service centre on 0 810 246 810 (service €0.09 per call + call price) and select 3 for Stock exchange. 

  • call and place your orders  
  • find out about your portfolio, the markets or the securities
  • get a better understanding of how the markets work
  • invest on most foreign stock markets

Attractive pricing to suit you

Access all the information and features you need to invest in ideal conditions

  • get an instant overview of your portfolio's performance, economic and financial information, main index prices, securities listings...
  • access securities records and stock exchange information, analyst recommendations, company profiles and interactive charts
  • get up-to-the-minute economic and financial news and recommendations, from the AFPCercle Finance and Cofisem's live stream…
  • practice investing, with the opportunity to manage a 'mock' portfolio
  • access initial public offerings at Euronext Paris and some public exchange offers (OPEs). You can also cast votes at general meetings of companies you hold shares in with Votaccess
  • trade on the US, UK, German and Spanish stock exchanges, with online access to an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) subscription

How to access HSBC Invest

Log on to your secure space in My online bank:

  • first, enter your online banking ID in 'Go to your accounts' 
  • then, enter your secret code
  • next, enter your HSBC Secure Key code
  • finally, go to the 'Stock exchange and OPE' tab and select HSBC Invest

For more details about secure access, visit the HSBC Secure Key page.

How to apply

New to HSBC

Complete our quick online form.

Call us for new online banking codes:

0810246810 Service €0.09 per call + Call price*

*Dial +33810246810 within France (service €0.09 per call + call price) and for service outside France (cost varies by operator).

Already a customer?

If you're already registered for online banking, log on and follow the steps above.

(1) Non-resident customers: Offer available subject to the local regulations the customer has to follow.

(2) Only natural persons of age can subscribe to a PEA and they must have their tax residence in France. The holder's change of tax residency doesn't lead to the plan's closure except in case of a home change in a Non Cooperative State or Territory (ETNC). Only one PEA is allowed for all institutions without any exception. The holder can also have a SME PEA. The maximum amount for the payments on a PEA is set at €150.000 (except for the special case of plans held for instance by young adults associated to the tax household of a taxpayer with a upper limit set at € 20.000). The minimum amount required when opening a PEA is €150. With a PEA, you can enjoy an income tax exemption (this doesn't apply to the special case of unquoted securities), on condition that you'd respect a five-year period before withdrawing any money. In any case scenario, the profit remains subject to social contributions. Any withdrawal before the end of the five-year period leads to the closure of the plan (subject to exceptions). After five years, you're free to make partial withdrawals and they don't prevent you from making new payments subject to the agreed payments upper limit. On the contrary, a full withdrawal after this date leads to the plan closure. The securities eligibility criteria for a PEA are defined by the article L.221-31 of the monetary and financial code. The holder is warned about the specific risks related to investments qualified for PEA, such as volatility risk or capital loss. For any subscription order made on the PEA, the plan holder must beforehand, make sure of the eligibility of the securities he wants to include in a plan. The bank can't be held responsible for fiscal consequences for instance, due to some securities subscription that wouldn't meet the securities eligibility criteria for the PEA.

(3) Get €0 custody fees when you make 15 orders or more each semester on the Euronext markets (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels).

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