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(1) This offer may be subject to evolution during the year. Illicado gift card of 80 € offered to sponsors who have made 2 sponsorships concretised by the opening of the first 2 deposit accounts at HSBC France between January 1st and December 31st, 2019, provided that the persons recommended are of age and domiciled their income on their new HSBC account. Offer renewable once, in other terms, 2 illicado gift cards of 80 € each offered for 4 sponsorships between 1st January and 31st December 2019, cumulative with other current offers and not applicable to HSBC France employees. Card usable as a means of payment in store and on the Internet, in one or several times, to the nearest cent. Valid for 12 months. Find out more about the list of partner stores, log on to 

(2) Their card (Visa Classic, Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard) and their 1 € account the first year. Provision of a debit card (immediate or deferred debit option). Preferential rate on the 1st year following the opening of your account in case of a subscription to HSBC Hexagone agreement. Offer subject to terms and conditions only with the branches of the Bank's network, subject to acceptance by the Bank. Offer valid for all our credit cards except the Visa Infinite card.

(3) Subject to acceptance of your application. In addition, you have the option of making partial or total early repayments without repayment penalties, unless the competition repurchases it.

(4) Subject to acceptance of your application and for any personal loan request for a minimum amount of €10,000. The Bank is under no obligation to respond favorably to requests made in the context of this business proposal.

(5) As part of the recommendation offer valid until 31 December 2019, you benefit from our best life insurance conditions. For more information, talk to your Adviser.

(6) Before any investment decision is made, it is your responsibility to ensure, with the help of your usual advisers, that the medium or media in question correspond to your financial situation, your investment objectives, your risk appetite and the regulations to which you are subject (and in particular the local legislation to which you may be subject). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and should be analyzed with caution. Investments, subject to market fluctuations, can fluctuate both upwards and downwards and present a risk of capital loss. Changes in exchange rates between currencies can have a significant impact on product performance.

(7) Offer valid for one or more payments without minimum payment. Payments benefiting from the offer are payments made in a branch (the offer does not apply to online transactions). Excluding monetary collective investment undertakings (UCIs). Before investing in a UCI governed by French or foreign law, you must read the French version of the Key Investor Information Document (TICI) or its prospectus, regulatory documents available from HSBC agencies or on Only one Share Savings Plan (PEA) may be opened per person, two for a married/acquired couple subject to common taxation for all institutions combined. Persons who are dependent on a taxpayer for tax purposes (such as minor children or children connected with their parents' tax household) may not open a PEA. The opening of a PEA is reserved for individuals whose tax residence is in France. The transfer of the holder's tax domicile outside France does not result in the termination of the plan unless the domicile is transferred to a Non-Cooperative State and Territory (ETNC). The maximum amount of payments is €150,000, with a minimum opening amount of €15. Any withdrawal before 8 years will result, with some exceptions, in the termination of the plan. Withdrawals after 8 years (total or partial withdrawal) are free. However, a total withdrawal results in the closure of the plan and, in the event of a partial withdrawal, it is no longer possible to make further payments.