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Recommend a friend

Enjoy rewards and benefits when you introduce a friend to HSBC

Discover our Recommend a friend offer

Are your friends and family are looking for a new bank? It's easier than ever to introduce them to HSBC with our Recommend a friend offer.

Easy, fast and full of rewards. Introduce 2 or more friends to HSBC and, once we've successfully opened 2 new accounts, we'll send you a gift to say thanks.

Referrals must be individual people such as your partner, parents, friends or colleagues.

New customers can look forward to extra benefits(1), including preferential rates on home improvement and personal loans with HSBC Hexagone.  

Become an HSBC introducer

As an HSBC customer, you can invite your friends and family to enjoy special benefits only available when you recommend a friend.


How do I recommend a friend?

Download, complete and send the recommend a friend form to your adviser. It should include the contact details of the 2 people you're introducing to HSBC. They both need to be adults with an income, or students at one of our partner schools. Once your adviser has validated the form, we'll get in touch with your friends to help them start opening an account. 

This offer is valid from 1 January to 31 March 2022.

How does Recommend a friend work?

To claim your gift, just give your contact details to the people you're introducing.

What do I need to recommend a friend?

To take part, all you need is:

  • an address in France (including if you're a tax resident)
  • a personal account (not a business account)
  • to be an adult with an income, or a student at one of our partner schools

What rewards will my friends and family get?

Ways to pay

With HSBC Hexagone, they get a debit card(2) at just €1 for the first year.

Choose from Visa Classic, Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard.

Home improvement projects

They'll enjoy our best rates with: 

  • no application fees
  • no early repayment fees(4)

Personal projects

No application fees for personal loans over €10,000(5).


  • our best life insurance terms 
  • 0% entrance fees on a selection of UCIs(6) available on your Plan d'Epargne en Actions (PEA)

Any loan is a commitment and must be repaid. Make sure you're able to make repayments before you apply.

Investments, subject to market changes, can go up or down and you may risk losing capital.

(1) Offer valid from 1 January 2022 to 31 March 2022. Liberty gift box available for customers who successfully introduce 2 new customers who open separate deposit accounts with HSBC Continental Europe. Referred people must be adults with an income, or students with a partner school (list available in branch). The offer can be claimed up to 2 times per customer for 4 successful referrals. Offer can be combined with other current offers and isn’t available to HSBC Continental Europe colleagues. Images of the gift box are for illustration only and are subject to change seasonally and based on market availability. Stocks aren’t guaranteed.

(2) Card (Visa Classic, Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard) and account fees are €1 for the first year. Card supplied is a debit card (international payment card with immediate or deferred debit). Preferential rate for the first year following the opening of an account if HSBC Hexagon agreement is signed. The offer is subject to conditions exclusively available at HSBC branches, subject to acceptance by the Bank. The offer is valid for all cards except Visa Infinite.

(3) Subject to a successful your application. You have 10 days from the day we offer you a loan in case you change your mind. The sale is subject to the loan being taken by the borrower. If the loan is not taken, the seller must repay the borrower any sum already paid. A home improvement loan can be intended to pay off an existing home improvement loan, to finance a property purchase (and possible works related to the acquired property), or to finance the building of a property for residential use or for professional and residential use.

(4) Except in the case of takeover by competition and excluding cases of exemption already provided for in article L313-48 of the consumer code.

(5) Valid from 1 January 2022 to 31 March 2022 subject to a successful application and for any personal loan request of at least €10,000. For all loans up to €75,000, the borrower has 14 days from the date that the application is successful to reject the loan offer. The Bank has no obligation to respond favourably to requests made in the context of this commercial proposal. The lender is HSBC Continental Europe - Anonymous Society with capital of €491,155,980 from 1 January 2021 - SIREN 775 670 284 RCS Paris - Registered office: 28 avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris. Bank and insurance intermediary registered with the ORIAS (Organisation for the Insurance Intermediaries Register - under number 07 005 894.

(6) Offer valid for one or more payments without a minimum payment. Payments made in branch benefit from the offer (offer does not apply to online transactions). This offer doesn't apply to monetary Undertakings of Collective Investment (UCIs). Before investing in a UCI governed by French or foreign law, please read the French version of the Key Investor Information Document (TICI) or its prospectus. These regulatory documents are available from HSBC agencies or on

Only 1 Share Savings Plan (PEA) can be opened per person, 2 for a married couple/civil partnership, subject to common taxation for all combined institutions. People who are dependent on a taxpayer (such as young children) cannot open a PEA. Children of full age who are attached to their parents' tax household can open a Junior PEA. Opening a PEA is reserved for individuals whose tax residence is in France. 

Transfer of the holder's tax residence outside France will not result in the termination of the plan, unless the residence is transferred to a Non-Cooperative State and Territory (ETNC). The maximum amount of payments is €150,000 (up to €20,000 for a Junior PEA), with a minimum opening amount of €150. Any withdrawal before 5 years will result in the termination of the plan,  with some exceptions. Partial withdrawals are possible from the second year of the PEA, and with the possibility of making new payments.

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