HSBC France

Protection against loss
or theft of your personal belongings

  • Your means of payment
    Volassur protects your lost or stolen
    bank cards, cheque books or Moneo
    contactless cards.
  • Your cash
    If stolen, your cash is reimbursed.
  • Your mobile phone
    Fraudulent communications using your stolen mobile phone are reimbursed.
  • Your leather goods
    If your purse or handbag is stolen,
    you also receive a compensation.

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad.

HSBC Volassur is an optional franchise insurance contract underwritten by HSBC France with AIG Europe Limited, a company governed by the French Code of Insurance.
AIG Europe Limited (AEL) is undertaking a restructure as part of its plans for the UK leaving the European Union and will transfer its European business to AIG Europe S.A., a member of the AIG group, on 1st December 2018.
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