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HSBC Discretionary Mandate

Financial markets cover increasingly diverse geographic areas and business sectors and thus generate many investment opportunities. Faced with an increasing complexity of financial products, you may need expert support to help you choose.
This is why HSBC suggests that you delegate the management of your financial assets, through management mandates, in a securities account or PEA, or through life insurance or endowment contract arbitrage mandates, in accordance with your goals and your approach to financial markets.
In this way you benefit from the professional expertise and skills of HSBC Global Asset Management.
You can access comprehensive information and regular management reports with complete transparency.
An HSBC expert remains at your disposal to comment on them for you.

HSBC's international expertise dedicated to your financial assets

With over 10,000 locations worldwide, total assets under management of more than 331 billion Euros at the end of 2010 and the presence of experienced professionals in 36 countries and territories, HSBC combines local expertise with global presence.
Our presence in key financial centres is one of the major advantages we can offer in detecting the potential of each market and understanding the risks.

Mandates to meet your goals

The breadth of our offer allows us to develop and provide the investment solutions best suited to your needs and your investor profile.
Enabling you, from €100 K (in a securities account and PEA) or €150,000 (in Life insurance or endowment contract), to access:

  • A mandate Rate in a securities account
  • 3 flexible and varied mandates in a securities account
  • 3 shares mandates in a securities account or PEA
  • 4 share arbitrage mandates in a life insurance and endowment contract

In a securities account, you can also opt for progressive investment with an initial payment of €50,000 and quarterly instalments of €20,000 which allows you to build up capital throughout the duration.

* Dial +33 810 246 810 from abroad.