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Protégé par Trusteer Rapport

Protect your computer
against online banking fraud.

For maximum protection of your online accounts,
install Trusteer Rapport for free.

Trusteer Rapport is software that complements the protection provided by the security software already installed
on your computer (anti-virus, firewall, etc.). Easy to install, it secures the connection to your accounts and ensures
your bank details remain confidential.

Download Trusteer for free(1)

PC Version Mac Version

How does Trusteer Rapport work?

Trusteer Rapport:

  • Verifies on each connection that you are actually on an HSBC France site and not on a fraudulent site.
  • Authenticates the site you are connected to and ensures its protection by showing the green icon in the navigation bar.
  • Locks the exchange of information to the connection when you view your accounts online.
  • Blocks all banking viruses listed to date.

Connexion protégée par Trusteer Rapport
The green icon in the navigation bar guarantees

Connexion non protégée par Trusteer Rapport
Trusteer Rapport is installed and protecting you

The benefits of Trusteer Rapport

  • Free
    HSBC France provides the Trusteer Rapport software and updates free of charge.
  • Compatible
    Trusteer works alongside all known anti-virus and firewall software
  • Easy to install
    - Installation takes a few minutes and doesn't slow down your computer.
    - You don't need to restart your computer to activate it.
  • Recommended
    Numerous institutions already use Trusteer to secure connections to their online services.
  • Single download
    If you already have official up to date Trusteer protection, you don't need to download it again.
    Your HSBC Customer area is automatically protected.

Protégé par Trusteer Rapport   Important :Trusteer Rapport is not a replacement for your anti-virus and your firewall and of course your vigilance.

Available on PC and Mac

  • Operating systems on which Trusteer Rapport is available:
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server) Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and mountain Lion (10.8)
Internet Explorer 6, 7 ,8 and 9 Safari 5.1 and 6.0
Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 and 8 only
Firefox 18, 19, 20 Firefox 18, 19, 20
Google Chrome 24,25,26

Download Trusteer for free(1)

PC Version Mac Version

Go to the Trusteer site
View the Trusteer Rapport instructions

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