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Enjoy your retirement

If you’d like to be ready to retire in 20 years, you need to start preparing today.

Still far from retiring? You need to start planning today so you can be ready 10, 20 or 30 years from now. If you're close to retirement, you can also benefit from our Still far from retiring? You need to start planning today so you can be ready 10, 20 or 30 years from now. If you're close to retirement, you can also benefit from our expert advice to see if anything can be improved.

Our expertise means we can offer you a range of solutions to help you look forward to a peaceful retirement.

Arrange a retirement assessment with an adviser

How retirement works, the value of your pension, generating extra income to support your plans... Your relationship manager and our experts are here to help and advise you.

1. Understand how retirement works

Minimum retirement age, the number of quarters of contributions required, the age for a full-rate pension...

While waiting for a possible reform, your relationship manager will explain to you how pension works today.

2. Calculate your retirement start date

Your relationship manager can estimate your retirement start date, according to current regulation, based on your year of birth and the number of quarters completed in your different jobs.

One number: 62 years old and 7 months(1) is the average retirement age for French people.


Legal requirements, exceptional circumstances, full-rate pension age...

Learn more about the different scenarios.


You don't necessarily have to work until the statutory retirement age.

But you will have to make some calculations depending on your plans.


Early retirement, phased retirement, pre-retirement...

Explore your options and the differences between them.

3. Estimate the value of your pension

This includes your basic pension which may not exceed €1,833 per month in 2023 plus any supplementary employee pensions you have. Your advisor can help you calculate the full amount.

One number: €1,531(1) is the gross monthly retirement pension in France (1,420 euros after social security contributions).


Working out your number of quarters is important for estimating your retirement age, and depends on your career path.

Find out how to calculate yours.


Find out what your reduced pension will be if you haven't got enough quarters when the time comes to retire.


As things currently stand with the law, your retirement rights depend on several criteria.

Find out what they are.


See how much your future pension will be, and how old you'll be when you get it.

4. Manage your retirement plans

What are your plans? What do you need to realise them? Once you know the estimated value of your pension, your relationship manager can help you review your retirement budget and your savings to ensure you enjoy your retirement.

One number: 70%(1) is the amount of their final salary French people want to get when they retire(2).


It's important to accurately work out how much you'll need to live once you retire, so you can develop the right strategy.


Thinking about a new life for tomorrow means having a retirement strategy you can start on immediately.


Know how to plan for the worst and make preparations, so you're ready to start your new life. 


When you retire, your health and accident cover changes.

Learn more about the different scenarios.

Create a 'retirement assessment' with your relationship manager by booking an appointment online or calling them direct. It can also be done by videoconference. Just ask your relationship manager when you book your appointment.

The PACTE law: helping you save for your retirement

  • standardises lots of complex schemes in one retirement-only product
  • enables transfers between your retirement savings schemes throughout your life
  • allows you to release your funds early to buy a principal residence
  • gives you the choice of capital or private income when you retire (T&C apply)

Prepare to enjoy your retirement

Who should you contact to plan for retirement?

Retirement isn't just the end of your working life, it's also the beginning of a new life. It's important to get the best advice, especially if you want to retire early.

Book a 'Retirement Assessment' with your HSBC relationship manager to get a better understanding of the stakes, review your options and plan your retirement. You can even look at ways to generate extra income to support your plans.

When should you start planning for your retirement?

There's no ideal age to start thinking about when you'll retire. But HSBC is always here to help you develop a practical solution to meet your needs and deadlines.

Do you want to use your retirement to realise a lifelong dream, or stop working earlier than expected?

We can help you assess your finances and plan your next steps, including your estate and retirement rights.

What other websites can help you plan your retirement?

To see how many quarters you've completed, just check your work statement online. It's available on the retirement insurance official website. This site also lets you ask for an estimate of your total future pension. This calculation is more accurate and relevant if you've worked for a long time.

To create your secure personal account, use your social security number or log on using FranceConnect.

(1) Drees study (Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation et des statistiques) - Released on June 16, 2023, before the September 2023 Pension Reform.

(2) When they're homeowners.

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