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Make your retirement your life’s work

Whether you’re close to retirement or it is still far in the future, discover our practical guide. It is designed to answer all your questions: the age at which you can retire, how to calculate the quarters you have worked, the Agirc-Arcco merger, the reform of the PACTE law and much more.

Like you, we know retirement isn’t simply the end of an active life. It is essential to be well supported in retirement, especially if you plan to retire early.

Our wealth expertise allows us to answer all your questions and offer you good solutions to make your plans a reality as you get ready to retire.


It’s not a question of age


A matter of preparation


The answers you need to know.

The PACTE law : an opportunity for your retirement savings

Harmonisation of several, complicated financial instruments into a single retirement product 

  • Enables transfers between retirement savings plans throughout your life,
  • Offers flexibility in the savings phase, with the possibility of early redemption for the purchase of a principal residence, 
  • Freedom to retire with lump sum or an annuity (subject to conditions).

Retirement isn’t just a question of age…

What could be better than deciding the age at which you will start your new life?

There’s no minimum age to start thinking about your retirement. HSBC is by your side to help you make the right arrangements for your plans, according to your schedule.

…but above all a question of preparation

You want to make the most of your retirement to make your plans happen, or you want to stop working early?

HSBC will help you evaluate your financial capacity and plan for your change in life (according to your assets and pension rights)

Answers to your questions

Even the best project starts with questions…HSBC will help you at every stage of your planning, and will give you the best answers to all your questions.

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