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Life Insurance

If you have a life insurance policy, you can manage it online in ‘Accounts and Cards/Overview’.

Select the ‘Life Insurance’ section to:

  • see an overview of your policy with HSBC Insurance 
  • make payments and withdrawals on some HSBC ASSURANCES VIE (FRANCE)* 
  • set up your scheduled transfers

* Within the limit of the provisions planned by the contracts and specific provisions regulating the life insurance online transactions. 

Manage all of these policies online

  • Abondance

  • Abondance 2

  • HSBC Essentiel

  • HSBC Essentiel 2

  • HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Vie

  • HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Vie 2

  • HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Capitalisation

  • HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Capitalisation 2

  • Elysées Opportunités

  • HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie

  • HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie 2

  • HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie Capitalisation

  • HSBC Stratégie Patrimoine Vie Capitalisation 2

  • Multi Epargne Vie

  • Multi Epargne Vie 2

  • ERISA Sélection

  • ERISA Sélection 2

  • Avantage Patrimoine Capitalisation

  • Elysée Patrimoine Capitalisation

  • Avantage Patrimoine Vie

  • Elysées Patrimoine Vie

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